TBC IS EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE 45 BILLBOARDS will start going up december 1 FOR ITS 2016 SHOW.


“The injection of artistic speech into the urban environment offers an occasion for commuters to pause and contemplate,” says show curator Mona Kuhn.  “We hope to facilitate a cultural exchange, connecting artists with large audiences and bringing art to many people who might not otherwise have the opportunity to see it.” 


This year, TBC is honored to announce collaborations with two renowned artists: Paul McCarthy and Alex Prager. McCarthy will bring his critical analysis of mass media and consumer-driven society to the streets of LA with images from his new film “Coach Stage Stage Coach.” He is an artist who is inspired by American pop culture and often manages to whip up controversy with his larger-than-life works. Prager’s meticulous, hyperreal, film-like compositions, and fictive realities are a perfect match with the unique medium of billboards--breaking up the monotony of city thoroughfares with a refreshing dose of contemporary art.   

The Billboard Creative mobile app launches with work from Copenhagen-based composer and artist Zeno van den Broek

Teaser “Shift Symm” By Zeno van den Broek check out the TBC APP to see the full length. 

With its 2016 show, TBC has launched a mobile app, which in addition to providing maps to locations of TBC show billboards, will be a year-round forum for promoting under-the-radar art events as well as cutting-edge digital art.  Art events are listed in the app’s Archie blog, while Hypermedia is the app’s digital media platform.  Copenhagen-based composer and artist Zeno van den Broek has signed on to help TBC launch the app as in the augural artist for Hypermedia with his work Shift Symm. Three, the third in a series of audiovisual works focused on on the synesthetic play between his auditive and visual techniques. Through his practice, van den Broek  researches and expresses notions of spatial awareness, using immaterial and temporal means such as sound, acoustics and visual arts to create site and concept specific works. His interdisciplinary working methods enable him to comprehend and express the richness and complexity of spatiality. Van den Broek works with pure sound sources such as sine waves and white noise and minimal visual aesthetics such as grids and lines, creating site- specific patterns of interference, which explore and articulate the characteristics of a particular space.

- This year TBC has teamed up with The People Concern for a billboard created by artists living on Skid Row.  The billboard was donated by Clear Channel and The Billboard Creative with the goals of bringing public art to Skid Row, providing a larger platform for an artist from that community, and to bringing awareness to the homeless in our community.

- Check out ArtMoi Public for a map to all the boards.

- We need your help! The Billboard Creative is an all-volunteer organization - your support will directly affect artists and help put more art in public spaces. In 2017 we want to reach 100 billboards and expand to multiple cities. This is no easy task and we need your helpPlease Donate Today every little bit helps.

- To learn more about submitting to future TBC show’s, sign up to our Email List.

Special Thanks: 

The team at TBC would like to give a special thanks to the people and organizations who have worked with us to make the 2016 show a success: Heather Andrews, Clear Channel, ArtMoi, Photo LucidaMusee Magazine, Lamp Community, Daniel Fries, Alexis Kerin, Tessa Maffucci, Raven and Crow, Max Kerscher-Santelli, and Sam Sarokin.


The Billboard Creative (TBC) is a non-profit organization that aims to connect artists with mass audiences. In highlighting an international selection of artists and artworks within the Los Angeles community, TBC hopes to broaden the reach of public art, especially for those whom traditional art exhibitions have proven inaccessible. Above all, the core principle is to create a democratic approach to contemporary art. 

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