Submissions Open June

Submissions opening mid June

The Billboard Creative

The Billboard Creative is an all-volunteer nonprofit that produces public art shows on billboards in  Los Angeles. TBC has appeared in such news outlets as “Huffington Post”, creators project, Site Specific and KCRW's “Art Talk” just to name a few.  We are passionate about the emerging and underrepresented artist and have designed The Billboard Art Project with them in mind. Open Internationally to all disciplines - if you can put it on a digital file we can put it on a billboard.  

The Show

Selected work will be displayed on billboards throughout Los Angeles where the cityscape provides the walls of our gallery.  Imagine your art viewed on a massive scale, seen by tens of thousands of Angelenos on their daily commutes. It is public art displayed in a quintessential Los Angeles medium. We work with Third Eye to promote the show and have had articles in Huffington Post, LA Times, Creators Project, Art Talk just to list a few. Maps with artists' information, website, location of board are built using MapMe and our posted on our website and can be accessed on smartphones. The work stays up for a month (Part of that month is used for install and take down of the work) 

Who Can Submit

Open Internationally to all disciplines - if you can put it on a digital file we can put it on a billboard. Please look at the Gallery section for examples of past shows.


Please don't hesitate to email with questions.

  • We accept all disciplines - if you can put it on a digital file we can put it on a billboard.
  • We use several different billboard sizes:  10'x22' - 12'x24' - 24'x26' - 14'x48'
  • There is a $27 dollar fee for first image $7.00 for each additional image up to 6 images.
  • To ensure an easy and safe submission process, TBC use Call for Entries to accept images and payment.
  • After submissions close the curator, founder will conduct a blind-review process to select the pieces that will be included in the exhibit.
  • Deadline: Oct 16 2019 - Midnight MST.
  • Image format for submission : JPEG or JPG- File dimensions: 1200 pixels or greater on the longest side. File size: under 5 MB
  • We accept many forms of art - if you can get it on a digital file* we can put it on a billboard. There are great examples of paintings, sculptures, mix media etc. on the gallery page. *(Sorry, we still aren't accepting video or audio works at this time.)
  • Click here for legal agreement.
  • TBC is an all-volunteer nonprofit - all submission fees are used for the production and management of exhibitions - we have no salaried staff.
  • If your work is selected, TBC covers all expenses for the production, mounting, and leasing of the billboard.
  • Not all submissions will receive a billboard.
  • Everyone is eligible - if you are under 18 you must have a parent or legal guardian submit your work.
  • The Billboard Creative will not use your images for any commercial purpose outside the terms of the TBC show and publicity for TBC and its shows. Every image you submit is yours and you retain all rights to your images.

Common Questions

Q: When do I find out if I have been selected?

We take selecting the work very seriously. The process usually takes a few months after the submission deadline. All entrants will receive and email notifications when selections have been made and this information will also be posted on the TBC website.

Q: Does the art have to be the same aspect ratio of the billboard?

No. Please be assured that your piece doesn't need to fit perfectly on a billboard when you submit your images.  There are a many ways to work around the different sizes.

Q: Will it help me if my work fits on a billboard?

No. Artwork is not chosen because of how perfectly it fits on a billboard.  We deal with two major vendors that have completely different requirements and different billboard sizes and formats.

Q: What size billboards do you lease?

We use several different billboard sizes:  10'x22' - 12'x24' - 24'x26' - 14'x48'

Q: What are the submission fees used for and if I don't get accepted can I get a refund?

We are an all-volunteer organization - the fees, along with donations, go to rent the billboards and help cover the cost of organizing and staging the billboard show. There are no refunds.

If you are a selected artist we will contact you about reformatting your file to fit on the specific billboard.

We look forward to your submissions.