NFTs on Billboards: Blurring the Lines Between
the Tangible and the Digital

Blurring the Lines Between the Tangible and the Digital

Curator: Alejandro Cartagena + Mona Kuhn
Interview With Curators
On February 7, 2022, The Billboard Creative debuts its eighth and latest billboard exhibition: a showcase of 30 NFT photographs by emerging artists from across the globe, located in clusters throughout Los Angeles neighborhoods. Developed in with, a community-run platform facilitating opportunities for photographers to pursue projects through the sale of NFTs, the exhibited works were submitted in response to a public post on Discord and selected by Artist Mona Kuhn and Obscura’s co-founder Alejandro Cartagena. By bringing the emerging digital medium of NFTs to the streets of Los Angeles, the exhibition blurs the line between the tangible and the digital, the traditional and the modern, and the micro and the macro. 

Aaron Anderson

Aaron Anderson is a Georgia based Fine Art photographer who only shoots using film. Here's a short run down of his history with photography. Originally, He was introduced to photography in 2010 during his sophomore year of high school when he wanted to explore new mediums of art. He began with humble means, naivety, and the pure desire to explore photography.


Cinematographer and Photographer working on xix Century processes and virtual Media. NFTs of real image objects.

Algi Febri Sugita

Algi Febri Sugita is Freelance Photographer Based in Bandung, Indonesia. Interest with Daily Life, Portraits, Culture, Tradition, and alsoNature. He learned photography in a workshop held by ANTARA FOTO -The Indonesian Press Photo Agency in 2017 and with PannaFoto Institute in 2018.

Barbara Davidson

Barbara Davidson is a Pulitzer Prize and Emmy award winning photographer and filmmaker. In 2020 she was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship.

Brett Cody Rogers

Bio Brett Cody Rogers, is an Artist and Photographer living in Los Angeles, CA. Rogers’ work explores boundaries between painting and photography, the analog and digital, with exhibition record in LA, New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Chicago, Aspen Art Museum, ABMB, Armory NYC,Frieze. Collection: Hammer Museum.

Carlo Van de Roer

Carlo Van de Roeris an artist from New Zealand, living and working in New York. His work has been exhibited at venues such as M+B Gallery, Los Angeles; Suite Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand; the Cleveland Museum of Art; the Haggerty Museum of Art, Marquette University, Milwaukee; Hyères Photography Festival; the Paris Photo Prize; and the MUSAC Museum of Contemporary Art, Léon, Spain.

Cody Edison

Cody Edison is an artist based on the Chumash, Kizh, andTongva ancestral homelands also known as Los Angeles, California. He works with film, video, and photography to explore the possibilities of collaboration, reciprocity, and text in documentary practices. Edison’s work investigates issues of farming, rural culture, racial & gender equality, historical amnesia, and climate crisis.


drifterpixels/brett foraker is a visual artist from California. He began as a painter before moving into photography and film. He was the youngest Creative Director ever hired by Channel 4 in the UK and is currently reppedglobally by UTA and Ridley Scott Associates. His advertising work has won numerous awards including Clio’s, D&AD pencils, and Cannes Lions. .

Evan McQuaid Bedford

Evan McQuaid Bedford is a Los Angeles based photographer specializing in fine art,documentary, and commercial work.

Eve LaFountain (in collaboration with Cody Edison and Christine Wood)

Eve-Lauryn Little Shell LaFountain (Turtle MountainChippewa) is a multimedia artist,filmmaker, and educator.

Ian Soi

Ian Soi is a Kenyan photographer based in Nairobi. His work is heavily based on emotions, vibes,and culture. Trying to show the world through his eyes, while enjoying every bit of the process. His medium of expression is through photography, digital and film to be precise.

Ilya Nikolayevis a street photographer based in New York City. He is a lifelong New Yorker and can often be seen taking photos in midtown Manhattan, especially on 5thAvenue. Ilya is passionate about images which feature interesting people as the main subjects.

J. Jason Chambers

Working with Photography and the American Road Trip.Using photographic film as his preferred medium, Jason’s current work explores the American Landscape, the people within and his time on the road.

Jack Simpson

Jack Simpson is a commercial photographer based in Napa California. His photographic interests cast a wide net spanning industries such as wine, restaurants, technology, and healthcare.Before the days of photography, he was a San Francisco City Paramedic and began to hone his photographic skills working as a Fire & EMS documentary photographer for local ambulance providers

John Huet

Inspired by the human form and the grace of athletic performance, John Huet began photographing competitive athletes 35 years ago. Intent on conveying the passion, pride, and commitment inherent in all athletes, John has devoted his career to photographing individuals who compete at all levels of sport.

Kristyna Archer

Kristyna Archer is an interdisciplinary artist working in photography and film. She explores the intersection of the surreal and the absurd as a means of meditation from the human condition. She spent her formative years chronicling Detroit with a Pentax K1000 around her neck and soon fell in love with the magic of the darkroom processes.

Lily Hatten

Lily Hatten (b. 1992) is a self-taught portrait, documentary and fine art photographer living on Bundjalung Country in Northern NSW, Australia. She works across digital and analogue photography. After becoming a motherherself, she was called to document birth, motherhood and the seasons of life, death and rebirth that ripple out from mothering.

Louis Iruela

Born in Yonkers, New York, USA, I've spent most of my life in a small town in the outskirts of Madrid, Spain, practicing photography and outdoor activities, whichhavemade me highly attachedtonature.My landscapescenes transmit a contemplativemood with a touch of surrealism.

Marcel De Baer / Erik Bulckens

Marcel De Baer, my grandfather on my mother’s side, was a collision investigator in the 60ies and 70ies in Belgium. He was the only one for a huge district and collected an enormous amount of files for the jurisdiction. His job was to determine how an accident happened and who was at fault.

Mehdi Benembarek

John Kilar

John Kilar is a nomadic street and documentary photographer who has been shooting for over a decade. Known for his raw and uncanny documentation, his work has been exhibited and published internationally for magazines such as Vice, Juxtapoz, Dazed & Confused, i-D and GQ to name a few.

Mickey Smith

Mickey Smith (US/NZ) is a conceptual artist living in New Zealand. As a photographer, her practice has been engaged with a longstanding inquiry into libraries, books and archives —in particular the social significance of their physical existence or disappearance.

Rami El-Sabban

Rami “Entanese” El-Sabban is a Lebanese artist and professional photographer. He transforms unique and diverse experiences into visual storytelling. The duality between his traditional techniques and his contemporary vision creates a unified perspective in his work.

Rony Hernandes (NU NFT)

A promising 24 year-old award winning Brazilian portrait and fashion photographer, Rony Hernandes’ potent and extremely sensible work has been published by Afropunk, Cult, Domestika and more.

Sean Lee

Sean Lee was born in 1985 and grew up in Singapore. His first body of work was Shauna, made between 2007 and 2009. This work was nominated for the Prix Découverteon the 40th anniversary of Arles Photography Festival.

Shaldrian Gomez (Red Forest)

Red Forest is the alter ego of Shaldrian Gómez (1993, Cardenas, Matanzas, Cuba). Engineer that passion and desire turned him into a photographer. With a predominantly documentary work always faithful to that style both in portraits and landscapes.

Summer Wagner

Summer Wagner (she/they) is a photographer from the rust belt region of the midwest. Her workconsiders the spiritual, ecological and technological contemplations pressing a post-industrialUnited States. Wagner’s theatrical, story-driven pieces blur the line between fantasy and realityand beg the viewer to consider the hidden and subconscious themes layered in each piece ofher work and ultimately in the everyday human experience.

Wim Van Cappellen

After obtaining a master’s degree in Political Science, Wim Van Cappellen started his career as an editorial photographer, covering conflicts around the globe for magazines like Time, l’Expressor der Spiegel. He is represented by redux (New York) and REA (Paris).

Yener Torun

YenerTorun (b.1982) is a Turkish architect and photography artist. In 2014, he started a photography project on his Instagram account @cimkedi, focusing on lesser-known buildings and side streets of his adopted hometown Istanbul. In recent years, his international following has grown, and major media outlets such as The Guardian, The Washington Post, CBS News, CNN, and El Pais Semanal have covered his work.

Zach Deloach

Zach Deloach is a self-taught Film/digital photographer currently living in Atlanta, GA. Using film as a primary method for creating images, Zach’s work focuses on themes of isolation and is heavily influenced by cinema. Through use of practical effects and experimental in-camera techniques, his work shows the endless potential and possibility of film photography.