NFTs on Billboards: Blurring the Lines Between
the Tangible and the Digital

Blurring the Lines Between the Tangible and the Digital

Curator: Alejandro Cartagena + Mona Kuhn
Press Release
On February 7, 2022, The Billboard Creative debuts its eighth and latest billboard exhibition: a showcase of 30 NFT photographs by emerging artists from across the globe, located in clusters throughout Los Angeles neighborhoods. Developed in with, a community-run platform facilitating opportunities for photographers to pursue projects through the sale of NFTs, the exhibited works were submitted in response to a public post on Discord and selected by Artist Mona Kuhn and Obscura’s co-founder Alejandro Cartagena. By bringing the emerging digital medium of NFTs to the streets of Los Angeles, the exhibition blurs the line between the tangible and the digital, the traditional and the modern, and the micro and the macro. 

Aaron Anderson


Algi Febri Sugita


Barbara Davidson

Brett Cody Rogers

Carlo Van de Roer

Cody Edison


Evan McQuaid Bedford

Eve LaFountain (in collaboration with Cody Edison and Christine Wood)

Ian Soi

J. Jason Chambers

Jack Simpson

John Huet

Kristyna Archer

Lily Hatten

Louis Iruela

Marcel De Baer / Erik Bulckens

Mehdi Benembarek

John Kilar

Mickey Smith

Rami El-Sabban

Rony Hernandes (NU NFT)

Sean Lee

Shaldrian Gomez (Red Forest)

Summer Wagner

Wim Van Cappellen

Yener Torun

Zach Deloach