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LA:PAMP is a smartphone and desktop map and archiving project. Built to help people find all things public art. We included a section of historical and culturally important murals curated by @public_archivist and the Civic Art Baseline Inventory. There are also LA area galleries and museums. LA:PAMP is a crowd-sourced project relying on volunteers, artists, and galleries to track and tag work throughout the Los Angeles area.  The Billboard Creative maintains and manages the project, but at its core, it is a project created by the artists of our city and beyond. Their drive gives our city its unique voice and visual aesthetic that can only be Los Angeles. 
The Billboard Creative wants to challenge our definition of public art. We believe public art is art that is created for public consumption in public spaces, including unauthorized murals, street art, and graffiti. The Billboard Creative holds a strong conviction that public art should encompass all art that is physically accessible to the public regardless of the process and funding it took to create the work. We know that goes beyond the traditional definition, which is often narrowly defined as art created for the public and approved by a city's art commission. Our aim with LA:PAMP is to bring awareness and interest to the hundreds of 'outsider public artworks' included on our map across the city's diverse neighborhoods and spark conversation about what defines public art. LA:PAMP features civic art that falls under the well-recognized scope of the definition of public art alongside art in the public realm that we think should be recognized, explored, and put on the map.


To Protect and Serve

By Noni Olabasi

To Protect and Serve, 1992 By Noni Olabasi This Month, we honor the powerful work of muralist Noni Olabasi's To Protect and Serve. Originally intended as part of SPARC's Great Wall Unlimited: Neighborhood Pride Murals, the piece faced opposition from the conservative City Arts Commission. Despite this, the mural was transformed into an independent project that demands an end to police brutality and the murder of Black people. The mural features images of personal and institutional racist violence toward African-Americans, including the Klan and Bobby Seale, and highlights the Panthers' social projects such as the Free Breakfast Program. The artwork serves as a poignant reminder of the power of artistic expression to inspire change.
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We have listed some of the most popular murals but primarily focus on the not so well know public works.

The Public

A curated selection of some of the most culturally and historically significant street art. selections by @public_archivist

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Closed  February 2023 – The non-profit arts organization The Billboard Creative opens its 9th exhibition, bringing large-format art from emerging and established artists to 30 billboards across Los Angeles.

County Civic

We focus primarily on the Civic Art Baseline Inventory.


The Public Archivist

A curated selection of LA muralists.
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We focus primarily on the Civic Art Baseline Inventory. Which is a really Interesting  story.

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