The Billboard Creative is a Los Angeles-based nonprofit on a mission to bring work by emerging and underrepresented artists into unexpected paths of Angelenos. Through the annual billboard exhibition, artist grant program, and artist interviews series, The Billboard Creative presents multiple platforms that focus on amplifying the voices of artists outside the mainstream spotlight.


The submission deadline has been pushed back by one week.

Deadline 9/24/ 2023 - Midnight MST

10-Year Anniversary Show

Submissions Now Open

We are thrilled to announce the opening of submissions for our upcoming 10th anniversary show. When we started out with a test of a single board, followed shortly by our first show with 14 boards, we never dreamed of the growth The Billboard Creative has experienced. Eleven shows, 229 boards from artists around the globe, and more then 83 million views of TBC artists' work. Plus an artist interview program with both video and online editorial posts, a co-production with the Hammer Museum, and our newest venture -- artist grants. None of this would have been possible without the support of our amazing community. Thank you!

We invite artists to submit their artwork for consideration for our milestone show. Whether you are a seasoned artist or just starting out, we encourage you to share your work with us. Your art could be displayed on one of our many billboards throughout Los Angeles, exposing your work to tens of thousands of people.
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New Interview

Ayo Jackson

Jackson, a transformative voice in contemporary art, uses her work "Tear Suture Scab" to explore the Black experience. Drawing from "The Hunt of the Unicorn," she reimagines the unicorn as a symbol of resurrection and inherent goodness, presenting it as a Black unicorn, a potent emblem of the Black narrative. Jackson dares to personify death, giving it a voice that's both humorous and melancholic, challenging our perceptions of death as a necessary part of resurrection. Her characters, Suki and Shade, embody resistance, questioning societal norms and selective empathy. Jackson's work is more than art; it's a journey, a testament to the healing power of art, and a catalyst for societal transformation.

Just Loaded onto LA:PAMP

To Protect and Serve, 1992
By Noni Olabasi

This month LA: PAMP (the L.A. Public Art Mapping Project that was launched in February by TBC) highlights and honors the powerful mural "To Protect and Serve" from artist Noni Olabasi. Originally intended as part of SPARC's Great Wall Unlimited: Neighborhood Pride Murals, the piece faced opposition from the conservative City Arts Commission. Despite this, the mural was transformed into an independent project that demands an end to police brutality and the murder of Black people. The mural features images of personal and institutional racist violence toward African-Americans, including the Klan and Bobby Seale, and highlights the Panthers' social projects such as the Free Breakfast Program. The artwork serves as a poignant reminder of the power of artistic expression to inspire change.
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Past Projects

Feb 2023 Exhibition

The TBC show currently on display will be taken down throughout the month, but you still have a chance to view some of the boards at the MacArthur Park locations.

Bryan Ida "Kio", Qhamanande Maswana "Her Inner Winner", Anthony Kurtz "The Loft of the Medusa", Andy Hann "Welcome To Hollywood", Diane Meyer " Group I", Michael Joseph "Pristine Christine", Emily Manwaring "Can't let the summer past"

"We The People"

On February 6, 2023, The Billboard Creative (TBC) will host a billboard exhibition titled We The People curated by Mona Kuhn, featuring 30 works in a broad range of media - photography, painting, mixed media, collage, and sculpture by both emerging and established artists. Works are selected through a curated, blind submission process open to all and will be shown alongside guest artist Bryan Ida. LA: PAMP will feature the annual billboard exhibition throughout the duration of the exhibition.
More Info / Full artists list / Interactive map to all the locations / Interviews
"The Billboard Creative celebrates artists from all walks of life and creates a supportive platform for artists to share their work at the massive billboard scale with the city of Los Angeles." Mona Kuhn Curator

2023 LA Billboard Exhibition Artists | Full Artist List

We sat down with two of the artist from the 2023 show. Guest Artist Bryan Ida and our youngest artist Emily Manwaring

Interview with Guest Artist

Mona Kuhn interviews Bryan Ida the 2023 guest artist.

Studio Visit

The Team at TBC did a studio visit with Brooklyn-based artist Emily Manwaring - one of the 2023 Billboard artists.

Co-Production with the Hammer Museum

Interview with Made In L.A. Curators

A conversation with Made in L.A. : a version curators:
Myriam Ben Salah and Lauren Mackler
Billboard exhibition featuring 30 NFT artists. The works were selected by Alejandro Cartagena from and Mona Kuhn from TBC.

See Images from 2015-2022 billboard exhibitions.



TBC began with a single billboard and has grown to an average of 40 billboards per show. That wouldn't be possible without the help of our generous donors. TBC consists of an all-volunteer staff, so your donations go directly to producing art shows and bringing attention to artists. We are a tax deductible 501c3.

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