The Billboard Creative

a Los Angeles-based nonprofit on a mission to bring work by emerging and underrepresented artists into unexpected paths of Angelenos. Through the annual billboard exhibition, artist grant program, and artist interviews series, The Billboard Creative presents multiple platforms that focus on amplifying the voices of artists outside the mainstream spotlight.

10-Year Anniversary Show

April 1 - 30

The Billboard Creative, it gives us immense pleasure to invite you to join us in celebrating an extraordinary decade of artistic innovation and urban transformation with our latest show, "SURREAL: The 2024 Installation." Over the past ten years, TBC has curated eleven exhibitions, employing hundreds of billboards throughout Los Angeles , which have collectively garnered the attention of over 83 million onlookers. This initiative has revitalized the city's landscape, turning it into a dynamic, open-air gallery that weaves art into the fabric of public spaces and everyday lives.  At TBC, we view ourselves not merely as organizers of an art project but as members of a movement that advocates for the accessibility of art, making it an integral part of daily existence.

Artist Interviews and Short Documentaries

Full List

Ayo Jackson

Gabrielle Garland

Maxine Helfman

Sharona Franklin

The Los Angeles Public Art Mapping Project

LA:PAMP is a smartphone and desktop map and archiving project. Built to help people find all things public art.


2023 LA Billboard Exhibition Artists | Full Artist List

We sat down with two of the artist from the 2023 show. Guest Artist Bryan Ida and our youngest artist Emily Manwaring

Interview with Guest Artist

Mona Kuhn interviews Bryan Ida the 2023 guest artist.

Studio Visit

The Team at TBC did a studio visit with Brooklyn-based artist Emily Manwaring - one of the 2023 Billboard artists.

See Images from 2015-2022 billboard exhibitions.