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The Billboard Creative app is a hub for discovering public art and promoting the underrepresented art scene. Whether you are a seasoned art enthusiast or exploring a new passion, The Billboard Creative (TBC) app will give you a unique perspective on the diverse art scene in and around Los Angeles.  We invite you to reflect, think critically, and reconceptualize your ideas about art in the public media space. 

TBC is an all-volunteer organization run as a 501c3 nonprofit. 




The TBC MAP is a geotagged guide to our ongoing billboard art project. Each year The Billboard Creative turns Los Angeles into an open-air gallery, showcasing art on billboards at major junctions across the city, including Sunset & Vine, Beverly & Laurel, and Hollywood & Western. The injection of artistic speech into the urban environment offers an occasion for commuters to pause and contemplate. The TBC MAP will provide the locations of current billboards, as well as an archive of the billboards from past shows.




Promoting underrepresented artists has been a core value of TBC since the beginning. We love to discover small galleries and studios that are completely off the radar of the mainstream art scene, but it takes a lot of effort to find these hidden gems. ARCHIE is a monthly roundup of new, emerging, and underground gallery shows, events, and public works. Showcasing these artists facilitates cultural exchange, lifts our collective spirit, and connects artists with those who will appreciate their work--giving all art enthusiasts access to works that might otherwise go unseen. 

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HYPERMEDIA is a place for artists and thinkers working in the digital space. This includes digital artists, code artists, duration photographers, curators, and philosophers speaking to this art form. We also welcome performance, video, and sound artists. HYPERMEDIA complements the physicality of The Billboard Creative’s annual installations by bringing nonlinear mediums into the conversation. 

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We have big dreams for the TBC app but we can't achieve it's full potential with out your help.   TBC is an all volunteer nonprofit (501c3) organization so your donations will go directly to TBC projects. 
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