In October, The Billboard Creative will transform 31 Los Angeles billboards into public art spaces


Our fifth show hits the streets of LA on October and will feature works from emerging and established artists including Lawrence Weiner, Marilyn Minter, Laurie Simmons, and Spencer Tunick.

The Billboard Creative connects artists with mass audiences on the streets of LA, bringing art into the daily routines of hundreds of thousands of Angelenos. 

This year’s show was curated by Andrea Blanch, founder & editor-in-chief of Musée Magazine.

Show Info:


Ruben Natal-San Miguel talks about “Mama” (Beautiful Skin) which is part of the 2018 LA Billboard Creative Show


Video from Miguel Arzabe’s series “Tubes.” An image from this series appears in 2018 Los Angeles Billboard Show.



Listen to Kirsten Stolle’s “Revolutionary Control,” a chilling audio piece which extracts and reorganizes 1940-1950 USDA agricultural pesticide propaganda videos. Her image FEED is part of the 2018 Billboard Creative Show.

Interactive Map

Click here from your smart phone or desktop for an interactive map of all the geotagged boards in the 2018 show.

Past Guest Artists:

 Ed Ruscha

Ed Ruscha

 Paul McCarthy

Paul McCarthy

 Alex Prager

Alex Prager

About TBC:

The Billboard Creative (TBC) is a non-profit organization that turns billboards into public art sites. Our goal in this work is two-fold: To help emerging and underrepresented artists break through traditional career bottlenecks by providing exposure to a mass audience and raising their profile with the public and the arts community, and to bring art to city streets making it as accessible as the numerous billboards that we view everyday.

Current Projects:

The Billboard Art Project: Once a year TBC produces an open submission billboard show.  The Billboard Art Project.  Its open internationally to emerging and mid-career artists working in all disciplines.   The show has been covered in the Huffington Post, NPR, LATIMES just to name a few. For more information or to learn how you can submit click here.  Currently open for submissions. 

 Click Here

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LA Art Mapping Project:  TBC is planning to release the Beta version of  LAAMP by the end of Oct 2018.  We  started with the findings from The Civic Art Baseline Inventory and are currently geotagging  under the radar galleries, street and graffiti art in LA. More Info 


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Micro-Initiative Exhibitions: TBC is launch a series of micro-initiative exhibitions - with the first featuring works from three, LA-based female artists on billboards in DTLA and Hollywood. More Info

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Please Help:

TBC started with one billboard and now we’re on our fifth formal show, having brought art to 127 billboards across the city with each show bringing attention to dozens of deserving artists. That wouldn't be possible without the help of our generous donors. TBC has an all volunteer staff so your donations go directly to the production of the show. Even though we have been able to consistently increase the size of our shows, we still have to leave amazing art on the table due to lack of funds. We want to fix this problem - If you can give a donation of any size it will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for helping us support emerging artists and bring incredible art to the streets.