The story of this project begins in fall 2015, when TBC was approached by a few young Cuban artists who asked if they could still submit their artwork even though they could not afford to pay the US $26 artwork submission fee. Further inspired by the significance of the recent policy changes between the United States and Cuba, The Billboard Creative is now hoping to create a special exhibition specifically showcasing young Cuban artists at no cost to them. Ideally the show will move on from Los Angeles to multiple cities, such as Detroit, Pittsburgh, etc. In order to make this vision into a reality, TBC must generate alternate funding to take place of its typical fund raising. 


The Billboard Creative is entirely volunteer based, which means that each person is donating their time (without compensation) so that all proceeds can go directly into making more art billboards. The more support we receive, the more billboards the TBC is able to produce. For Cuba, we are currently prioritizing our fundraising efforts to make an LA billboard exhibition possible, without cost to the artists. 


TBC is reaching out to influential Cuban artists, cultural supporters, and organizations, in order to create a collective network of cultural partners. With their expertise, the TBC hopes to create a meaningful installation of artworks that will hopefully impact the trajectory of the showcased artists careers.