Brittany Marcoux

11/28/2016 - 12/25/2016

Brittany Marcoux - Brittany_Marcoux-artmoi.jpg

Brittany Marcoux is a photographer and visual artist from Massachusetts. In 2016 she received her MFA in photography from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. She has exhibited at the Danforth Art Museum in Framingham MA, AS220 in Providence RI, §üb∫amsøn, Aviary Gallery, and Nave Gallery in Boston MA. Through the use of photography, home videos, and memorabilia, childhood memories are re-created and transformed into new ideas.  She uses brightly colored backgrounds and common objects symbolically, along with some optical tools and techniques, to create immediacy and arouse rumination. Within these everyday objects, she finds hidden messages representing time, relationships, and the effects we have on one another. Marcoux is currently a teaching assistant in the Visual and Environmental Science department at Harvard University.