Lisa Adams - Artwork location - Highland South of Waring - East Side - Facing North

Lisa Adams has a B.A. from Scripps College in Claremont, California and an M.F.A. from the Claremont Graduate University. She is the recipient of numerous awards including a Fulbright, a Brody Arts Fund Fellowship and an ARC Grant. 

Her work has been exhibited in art fairs and galleries throughout the United States and abroad and is in the public collections of Eli Broad, the San Jose Museum of Art, the Laguna Museum of Art, the Frederick R. Weisman Museum of Art, the Long Beach Museum of Art, Chapman University and the Edward Albee Foundation, among others. 

She has successfully taught at many renowned art departments in the Los Angeles area and abroad and has been an artist-in-residence in Slovenia, Finland, Japan, Holland and Costa Rica.

Lisa’s public art projects include the Chatsworth Station of the Metro Orange Line Extension, Fire Station No. 64 in Watts and the West Valley Branch Library in Reseda, California. Her private commissions include a BMW ArtCar.

Lisa’s work is represented in Los Angeles by CB1 Gallery. 

For more information including press and upcoming exhibitions, please visit website.

Andreea Radutoiu - Artwork location - Melose S/L 136 E. Kingsley - Facing East

Romanian born Andreea Radutoiu moved to the United States in her teens in the midst of the Romanian revolution. Released from the constraints of travel prohibitions, she soon found herself in front of the lens of may of the world’s top fashion photographers, pursuing a busy modeling career for the next decade in Paris, London, New York and Tokyo. Her curiosity for the medium of photography grew steadily during that time and eventually she migrated behind the camera. Andreea has returned to the international fashion circuit, now as a photographer. Her work has appeared in publications such as Elle Belgique, Esquire, The Wall Street Journal, Sublime, The One to name a few and for clients such as GAP, O.P.I and P&G Olay. She shoots regularly in Europe, New York and at her studio in her adopted home town of Los Angeles.

@AndreeaPhoto on Twitter & @andreeardotcom

Colleen Flaherty - Artwork location - Melrose & Lillian way - NW Corner - Facing West

Colleen Flaherty. A visual artist trained as a painter and a sculptor, Flaherty uses her craft and woodworking skills to create works that invite the viewer to engage with art in a tactile, tangible way. She received her M.F.A. in Painting from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2002 and her B.F.A. Cum Laude, with emphasis in Painting and Drawing, Minor in Music from San Jose State University in 1999. Her work has been presented in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, Montevideo, Uruguay, and Pienza, Italy. In 2012 she started COLL.EO with Matteo Bittanti. Co-founder of Random Parts, an artist run space in Oakland, Flaherty lives and works in Northern California.

Marie-Jossee Roy - L’electron - Hollywood East of Western - South Side - Facing West

Marie-Josée Roy feels the metal like if it was one of her body’s vital organ. A second skin, an armor, the murmur of an armor. The artist traces a parallel between the magnetic, resilient, fusional, and bright features of the metal and the human relations to which they are related.

Her mean of expression is physical, and not only because working the metal relies on strength, she is physical, period. But, however, not final. On the contrary. It unfolds a huge aspect of her personality and of the inherent nature of her expression. Affective naïvety and humility sticking to the picture with a poetic, intense signature coming from deep inside. From fire and metal, warm as cold, Marie-Josée Roy relieves any thought unifying opposite essences. She exteriorises the interiority of being.

Her work has been traveling through exhibits in Canada, Europe, Australia and the United States.

TόTάI See The Light  - Artwork location - Mccarthy Vista & Wilshire - SE Corner - Facing South

TόTά team was founded in 2012 by Ismini Christakopoulou and Thanasis Farangas.It is a collaborative platform dedicated to academic research and the exploration of materials & theories,hybrids & monsters, alchemies & myths. 

Our practice is located on the interdisciplinary area of architecture, physics and acoustics, involving analogue techniques, digital technologies, computational design, coding, responsive control systems, natural processes and procedural-based art experimentation. The scale of our approaches is 0 to ±∞.

Luisa Menazzi Moretti - Tropea Beach - Normandie E/L S Sunset - Facing South

LUISA MENAZZI MORETTI,  photographer, was born in Udine (Italy) in 1964.  She grew up in Texas and during those early years  she attended several photography courses, favouring at the time printing and black and white development.  She then moved to London and later in Italy were she lived in many cities: Bologna, Rome, Naples and Venice.  She got her MA in Modern Foreign Languages and Literature.  Luisa views photography as contemporary art and favours contamination, colours and, now,  digital photography.  She constantly seeks and shows interest in new ways of expression.    She has exposed in several collective exhibitions and solo exhibitions in private and public galleries, museums and fairs.  Her work is part of renowned international private collections.


George Bates is an American artist living in Brooklyn, N.Y. who received his BA from Parsons School of Design. His work has appeared internationally in a wide variety of media and publications and has been exhibited in several group shows, including the Surf Culture show at the Laguna Museum of Art, as well as a solo show of his sketchbooks in Munich, Germany. He has also been commissioned by private collectors.

George has two permanent-installation public art projects for the NYC Metropolitan Transportation Authority at the Beach 36th subway station in Rockaway Beach, Queens and the Central Avenue subway station in Bushwick, Brooklyn. 

Aeolastic emerged from a series of explorations in regard to the idea that nothing is more true than mathematics and how this relates to the vagaries of human experience, reality and existence. An interest in how “Truth is a Quality” is a dominate theme for the work he creates.

Joel Pedersen - UFO Over Julian House - Hollywood and Hillhurst - NW corner - Facing East.

In my work, I explore society's fascination with the fantastic and unreal. We flock to watch science fiction, paranormal, and extraterrestrial popular media; partially to satiate this fascination. I create objects, inspired by these genres, and place them in somewhat mundane environments; downplaying the drama that is often imposed on them. This juxtaposition not only creates it's own internal drama, but also fulfills a personal desire: to see an aesthetic style similar to the effects styles of shows I watched as a kid.

Hakan Sjostrom - Tissue - Normandie & Sunset - SW Corner - Facing South

Photographer, artist and graphic designer living and working in Stockholm, Sweden. Håkan has been exhibited internationally and numerously in Sweden, Italy, US and Switzerland. Awarded with the International Chiancano Award. The image 'Tissue' is a part of the series 'Utsläpp' which consists of images of trash and debris found alongside highways. The idea behind the work is to find beauty and value in the stuff that we consider worthless.

Susan Bowen - Skateboard Park, Arms Up -  3rd and Serrano - South West Corner - Facing West

Susan Bowen lives in New York City and is mostly known for her overlapping multiple exposure panoramas, which she shoots with a plastic camera.  In 2008 Susan completed a 48’ public art mural for a school in New Haven, Connecticut, and the previous year she created four murals for the Department of Transportation in Minnesota.  In 2007 she was profiled in Photo Techniques and Light Leaks magazines, published in Light and Lens: Photography in the Digital Age, and received an award in the Pilsner Urquell International  Photography/Lucie 2007 Awards.  In 2006 and 2010 Susan had four images published in Plastic Cameras: Toying with Creativity, a book by Michelle Bates.  Her 19 solo/2-person shows have been in New York, Las Vegas, Pittsburgh, Reno, Dayton, San Marino, Lubbock, Georgia, and Tennessee.  Susan has been in 175 group shows in the past 14 years, including ones at the Safe-T, Nelson Hancock, and Sideshow galleries in Brooklyn, the Photographic Center NW in Seattle, Woman Made Gallery in Chicago, and the Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins. She has been a finalist for public art projects in Brooklyn, Tampa, Gainesville, Iowa, Indianapolis, Kansas City, and Frisco, Texas.  Susan's current project is a series of digital images exploring the topic of people walking.  She is also a computer programmer by trade.

Sara Rossi - In Progress - Pico And Cochran - NW corner - Facing East.

I was born in Italy in 1974. In 1993 I graduated in Fine Arts at the "Bernardino di Betto" Art School. In 1999 I graduated at the European Academy for Special Effects directed by Carlo Rambaldi. During the years at European Academy I made several arts installation, scenographies for Theater Performs, Movie films and events. Since 2000 I am working as Web Art Director freelance. I live and work in Perugia - Italy

Dai Ito - The Shadow of Your Tenderness - Bronson And Sunset - SW corner - Facing North 

Dai Ito.jpg

Dai Ito organised "6nin" in 2001, worked in music and direction of its short film animations, which were showed at over 40 international film festivals in Paris, New York and all over the world. From 2010, he started to create works with photographs, be awarded prizes in photo contests in US and France, and showed in the subway in Berlin and Munich, Germany. These days, his most favourite things are Sake and sweet bean paste.

Craig Auge - Rooms For Sleeping - Central & 6th - NW Corner - Facing South 

Craig Deppen Auge is a mixed media artist, designer and performer living and working in Kansas City, MO. His work has been exhibited in solo and group shows in Missouri, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, North Carolina, Georgia, New York, and his home state of West Virginia. He has participated in numerous collaborative projects, including No Ruse, an underwater exhibit in Boston, and Satellite Collective’s TELEPHONE: An International Arts Experiment. His artwork was recently featured in the Summer 2014 Issue of Gambling the Aisle, and the Spring 2015 Issue of Duende Literary Journal. 

Paula Faraco - Ferropolis - Bronson & Sunset - SW Corner - Facing South

My first camera was an old Canon. My father gave it to me when I was 15 and I remember it changed my world.

After I got my Bachelor degree in Rio, I followed my instincts and moved to Berlin. I needed to see new places, new people and craved for adventures. 

Photography was more like a hobby for me back then. Even though I knew I wanted to become a photographer I felt I didn’t really had a style. 

I decided to study photography and got into Ostkreuz Schule für Fotografie. My goal was to explora as much as I could and make different images than I had done before.

My final project was a Portrait series focused on brazilian people. I was interested in photographing what speaks to me, that tells my own story. 

I understand now how Berlin changed who I am and how this feeling has been shaping my work. It made me realize that what’s right for me can also change over time. 

I understand now how Berlin changed who I am and how this feeling has been shaping my work. It made me realize that what’s right for me can also change over time.