Sara Abbott

11/28/2016 - 12/25/2016

Brittany Marcoux - Brittany_Marcoux-artmoi.jpg

Sara Abbott graduated with a degree in photography in Arizona and has studied and worked in art studios in Phoenix and Los Angeles with emerging and established artists. She became a founding member of 3carpileup, a well renowned studio/gallery and Chaos Theory, a momentous annual group show. This helped pioneer the now vibrant art scene found in the gritty warehouses just south of downtown Phoenix.

She has been able to work both in the fine art and commercial worlds. Her Fine art has been in numerous museum exhibitions and galleries nationally and collected by many private and corporate collectors. Commercially she has had success working across the world with top designers and has been represented in the television and movie industries.

Relocating to Los Angeles to immerse herself in one of the most prolific art communities in the world, Abbott became committed to combining traditionally separate disciplines such as photography, painting and sculpture. She began a strong focus on large bodies of work that include the Modern Space series. These abstract paintings have been described as multicolored geometric shapes that have an unmistakable midcentury vibe. Her mixed media photography and light box installations incorporate urban street influences such as a 1930’s suicide car door involving layers of imagery and light.

Abbott is currently working on 2 bodies of work. Large text paintings, “Isn’t It All About Me”, that reflect on the trappings of vanity and the glossy vibrations of self-absorption. Along with her abstract “Ink Painting” series that incorporates waste tank ink from printers, with interpretations of recycling and promoting a green environment. She now lives and works in Santa Monica, California.