Quinn Butterfield


12/5/2016 - 01/01/2017

Quinn Butterfield - Quinn_Butterfield-artmoi.jpg

My work in colored pencil allows me to bring memories to life through vibrant colors and intricate details. My most recent series titled “Snapshot” is a series of large colored pencil pieces of old candid family photos. The art is used to show a look into the private, unfiltered history of my family, allowing viewers to see inside of the honest past of a family that they otherwise would not see. This makes the subjects in my drawing vulnerable to the on-looking eyes of new people. I have practiced many different media and have come to love working with colored pencils because of the depth of color and detail they allow for. I enjoy using colored pencils to render portraits and figures because I am able to manipulate the varying colors to give an artistic touch to the subjects. 


My creative journey for “snapshot” began in the home I grew up in. I sat for hours searching through boxes and scrapbooks of old family photos, feeling closer to my family with every photo I flipped through. I chose to create renderings of old family photos not only to reconnect with my past but also to contrast the modern methods of sharing moments with the methods of our parents and grandparents. Currently, we expose everything we are doing, feeling, and thinking on social media for everyone to see and judge, searching for approval in the number of ‘likes” and ‘followers’ we get. But, before Facebook, and Iphones, family photos were taken as a way to simply capture memories of joyous occasions, not for self-validation through the instant opinions of others. Instead photos were developed through a longer process that resulted in timeless memories being captured forever. The long process I took drawing these images reflects the process the photos themselves went through to be developed, different from the instantaneous images we are used to now. I feel a personal connection to these images, but also invite viewers to reflect on their own past and present and think about how they can become more connected to their own families and experiences.