margeaux walter

11/28/2016 - 12/25/2016

Brittany Marcoux - Brittany_Marcoux-artmoi.jpg

In Bloom examines the fragility of identity, and the role that photography plays in our ability to remember and create a self-image. From Sign Language; a series of large-scale, highly detailed photographs, each image collapses everyday life into a form of abstraction. Deconstructed through color and pattern into varying levels of chaos and order, the identities of the figures are obscured within the scenes. Margaux performs each of the characters to experience the environments she builds and the claustrophobia of aligning perfectly within them. The performative aspect of the work also nods to the constructed nature of images in commercial media. Born in Seattle and currently living in New York City, Margeaux’s work has been exhibited at institutions around the country including Winston Wachter Fine Art in New York, the Griffin Museum in Boston, the Tacoma Art Museum, and the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts.