The People Concern / Lamp Arts Program

12/12/2016 - 01/08/2017

"Welcome to Skid Row"

This is one of the early collaborative pieces that came out from now almost 3 year old monthly Arts Jam, which is an open mic, collaborative painting session, as well as celebration of birthdays and milestones, organized and hosted by Lamp Arts Studios on the last Friday of every month. During the event, everyone is invited to add their mark to the collaborative piece, with images and ideas weaving together and feeding off of each other.

Info about Lamp Arts Studios/ Lamp Arts Program:

Lamp Community's Arts Program is a creative studio platform made with the residents of LA's Skid Row neighborhood, knowing that arts and culture are an essential part of the social health of any community. The program encourages long-term participation as artists develop their individual voices, share artwork, inspire each other, build a healthy community together and make creativity a continuous, restorative part of their lives. Lamp Arts Program includes a visual arts and music studio and regular workshops ranging from creative writing to yoga. 



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