Devaughn hughson

11/28/2016 - 12/25/2016

Brittany Marcoux - Brittany_Marcoux-artmoi.jpg

Leader of the Pack is a still image from the stunning documentary OUTCAST FOREVER  a frank and majestic portrait of the first nationwide black motorcycle club, Outcast M.C. formed in 1969 in Detroit Michigan.

 Part history, part sociological document, and part strip-tease, the film reveals a complex multi-layered story of a subterranean fraternal order of black non-conformist who have built a place of refuge, replenishment and hedonism for it’s members. OUTCAST FOREVER advances stylistically upon the usual ‘talking heads’ format of the genre with breath taking shots, B&W cinematography, and thoughtful juxtaposition of sequences and subject matter, making it a refreshingly cinematic documentary that appears always in motion. 

 The portraits of these bikers evoke the mythic imagery of the black cowboys, and buffalo soldiers of the early American frontier era. The masculine swagger of these bikers dressed in full regalia and riding their black Harley Davidson’s represents the ultimate symbol of fraternity, unity and individuality. 

The Outcast Forever documentary is currently available on vimeo on demand (limited release). A photo exhibit of OUTCAST FOREVER will be on display in the Catalina hotel at Art Basel 2016.   

 DeVaughn Hughson is an Atlanta based filmmaker, photographer and documentarian who has turned his passion for storytelling and his love of imagery into a vibrant and diverse film career.