brad forsythe

11/28/2016 - 12/25/2016

Brittany Marcoux - Brittany_Marcoux-artmoi.jpg

With my work I seek to interpret what nature so effortlessly creates. Living on the North Shore of Maui I find inspiration in the diverse exotic land and seascapes I engage with daily.  Where others may see nature as an assemblage of random shapes and colors, I see symmetry and proportionality.  An experience I refer to as the “perfect imperfection of nature.” Seduced by the lushness and beauty of the island, I apply paint generously, creating texture that brings life to my use of brilliant and dazzling colors. Rather than use color straight from the tube, I often custom mix my paint by hand – combining high quality pigment and binder with a variety of mediums to create a truly unique palette. Color, movement and raw texture are the three essentials always present in my work. Never static, always seeking to reflect a strong sense of energy throughout each piece I create. 

I consider my best painting to be the one that makes my next painting better. My visual art is derived from the everyday experiences and visual memories of living on one of the most remote places on earth. The stunningly beautiful island of Maui.

I have spent a lifetime working in the creative arts field and have been privileged with numerous local, regional and national industry awards for creative excellence.  Through a variety of collaborations my art has appeared on products far away from my home base in Hawaii ranging from Tuscan made scarves to custom snowboards and skis. In 2014 I began collaborating with legendary surfboard shaper and global brand Jimmy Lewis creating original art used for surface graphics on a new pro level SUP surfboard model.  I have continued to collaborate with Jimmy Lewis with my art featured on a line of SUP paddles and on a series of new surfboards.  Most recently I teamed up with retail chain Honolua Surf Co to develop an exclusive line of beachwear apparel which will debut in late 2016.  I was recently honored to receive recognition in the International Design Awards. In addition to my mixed media paintings, I also create non-traditional lens-based art merging my paintings with abstract digital images. My work has been selected for numerous exhibitions in Hawai'i and throughout North America and appears in several international corporate and private collections.