Andrew Myers

12/12/2016 - 01/08/2017

Brittany Marcoux - Brittany_Marcoux-artmoi.jpg



1st place- World art creative, creativity center of creative philanthropy

1st place- Art international (nationally)

1st place- Biennial art extraordinaire (anually)

1st place- Art matters, bios don't (2016)

1st place- No one's ever asked me where I went to

1st place- The art world sucks (2003-forever)

1st place- The disillusionment of creative people due to social construct.

3rd place- Humbleness matters

1st place- Being in last place

1st place- Great Canadian artist (who are not Canadian)

1st place- Realizing art school never taught me what first place looks like.


- The first one I had (2002)

- The one at that gallery (2003)

- Art show #3

- All the others (2004-2015)

- My next ones (2016-20xx)

-Future shows-

- Guggenheim (either one works) 2053

- MOMA (all of them)

- Everyone of my friends, families and patrons homes.

- The ones after tomorrow

- The ones after those that your grandkids will see.


- The normal people that bought my art

- The famous people that bought my art

- The established companies that bought my art

- My ex-wife